Bovški krafi pies

Bovški krafi pies. Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik

This is an original local Bovec speciality. This is a type of dough dessert typically eaten on Christmas Eve before going to midnight mass.


50 dg white flour

Hot water


50 dg dried pears

Puree from 50 dg of apples

10 dg raisins

10 dg sugar

10 dg ground walnuts

5 dg breadcrumbs



Ground cloves

Grated lemon zest and vanilla sugar

Wash the dried pears, removing the pips and stalks. Cook until soft (approx. 10 minutes) and leave to cool.

Prepare the apple puree separately. Sauté the butter and sugar to make a golden brown caramel mixture, add the grated apple and cook until soft. Take off the heat and cool. Mix in the cooked pear and apple puree.

Sauté the breadcrumbs in the butter and add the cinnamon, ground cloves, lemon zest and vanilla sugar. Add the ground walnuts, washed raisins and sugar to taste. Mix in the cooked pear and apple puree. Mix all together well.

Next prepare the filo dough. When the well kneaded soft dough cools, shape it into a thin roll and cut into short pieces. Stretch each piece into a circle 10 cm in diameter.

Put a teaspoon of filling in each dough circle. Fold the filled circle and press the semi-circular edge together with fingers to get a little pocket shape.

Cook the krafi in boiling water for as long as it takes for them to rise to the surface. Remove from the water, serve on a plate or dish, grease with butter and shake in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.


Source: Janez Bogataj, Taste Slovenia, Ljubljana 2007