Extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria. Photo: Katarina Krmelj

In every corner of Slovenia, visitors are pleasantly surprised by new and different culinary delicacies and by the autochthonous wines along the numerous Wine Roads that crisscross its three winegrowing regions. Slovene wines are popularly served with homemade sausage specialties, karst prsut (prosciutto) dried in the bora wind, and other original Slovene dishes.


Treats from Bovec and its surroundings

February 2010

Bovec and its surroundings are attractive for the unspoilt and wild nature, the mountains and the emerald Soča, the gentle, unique interweaving of the Alpine and Mediterranean climate, centuries of maintained tradition, genuine...

Buckwheat žganci

November 2009

As children we were told: “Eat some more žganci and you’ll be big and strong!” So žganci was imprinted in our memory as a healthy food that gives us strength and energy ... Find here the recipe for buckwheat žganci.

Trgatev – the finest time for winegrowers and their helpers

November 2009

In September and October, when the grapes on the vines have sufficiently ripened, begins a time of joyful communion, steeped in tradition, in the three wine-growing regions of Slovenia. All winegrowers have since time immemorial...