Extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria. Photo: Katarina Krmelj

In every corner of Slovenia, visitors are pleasantly surprised by new and different culinary delicacies and by the autochthonous wines along the numerous Wine Roads that crisscross its three winegrowing regions. Slovene wines are popularly served with homemade sausage specialties, karst prsut (prosciutto) dried in the bora wind, and other original Slovene dishes.


Mediterranean brunch with the Butuls

August 2010

To get to know Slovenian Mediterranean cuisine, let’s set off to the Butul farmhouse in Manžan, a little village not far from Koper, where for several years they have been organising themed events and culinary workshops. It all...

Ljubljana's JB Restaurant ranked among the top 100 in the world

July 2010

“Old-world charm, a hybrid Slovenian-Mediterranean-French menu, a top-notch wine list and very stylish decor have made this restaurant one of the most popular in town for a fancy meal”, is how the Slovenia edition of the famous...

Idrijski žlikrofi – a true speciality of Idrija

April 2010

Idrija is also home to a gastronomic speciality. The town and the surrounding area have been famous since the mid-19th century for idrijski žlikrofi. Idrijski žlikrofi are a national dish of Slovenia made from dough with a potato...