Extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria. Photo: Katarina Krmelj

In every corner of Slovenia, visitors are pleasantly surprised by new and different culinary delicacies and by the autochthonous wines along the numerous Wine Roads that crisscross its three winegrowing regions. Slovene wines are popularly served with homemade sausage specialties, karst prsut (prosciutto) dried in the bora wind, and other original Slovene dishes.


Gostilna Slovenija is a trademark

February 2012

In Slovenia, restaurants have always played a special role. They are not only the places where one can experience the local culinary offer, but have always been an important component part of the Slovenian heritage and culinary...

Istria's Gold: "Truffles of the Slovenian Istria are the best in the world"

December 2011

Hidden in the soil of the Slovenian Istria grow special, aromatic, mysterious mushrooms – white truffles. They are appreciated for their extraordinary quality and their prices reach almost incomprehensible heights.

A story revived: Indigenous grape varieties

October 2011

Every traditional wine-growing region in the EU that values its reputation has its indigenous grape varieties. And when a variety is indigenous, the wine made from it is indigenous too. The Slovenian list of varieties includes...