Extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria. Photo: Katarina Krmelj

In every corner of Slovenia, visitors are pleasantly surprised by new and different culinary delicacies and by the autochthonous wines along the numerous Wine Roads that crisscross its three winegrowing regions. Slovene wines are popularly served with homemade sausage specialties, karst prsut (prosciutto) dried in the bora wind, and other original Slovene dishes.


Bovec Cheese Gets Special EU Status

August 2012

Bovški sir is the fourteenth Slovenian food product registered by the EU. The traditional bovški sir is made of sheep milk, with cow or goat milk added occasionally coming from a sheep breed indigenous to the Upper Soča Valley....

Manor of Culinary Creativity

June 2012

Towards the middle of the windswept Vipava Valley, Zemono Manor sits atop a little hill. It is famous for its Gostilna pri Lojzetu, a restaurant managed by an exceptional host, Tomaž Kavčič. Recently, the Dining Guide presented...

Na Gradu - the Restaurant where the aroma of homemade chicken soup fills the air

March 2012

When you arrive in the courtyard of Ljubljana Castle, you are welcomed by a pleasant aroma of home-cooked food, including fresh homemade chicken soup, which is on the menu every day and is made from the same recipe as that used...