The Škocjan Caves Park. Photo: STO

“Slovenian green”. Slovenia is promoting itself with the brand “I feel Slovenia” - this expresses a balance between nature and the diligence of Slovenians; it speaks of unspoilt nature and the will for us to preserve it.

Any season is the right season to visit Slovenia. This green part of Europe is indeed a special place – wherever you cross the border, you can expect an exceptional diversity of landscape that changes in spectacular fashion, while friendly people and fine cuisine, health resorts and spas, tourist farms and sports offer something for everyone. This is the place to spoil yourself.

A short drive of just over two hours brings you from the azure Mediterranean to Alpine peaks. From there it is not far to the Pannonian lowlands, or to the gently rounded Dolenjska hills. And along the way is the mysterious Karst with its subterranean world. Common to all of this is the colour green, and of course unspoilt nature. Not to mention the thermal springs! Everything is close by and accessible, so visiting Slovenia becomes an experience you will want to repeat!

Land of diversity

In Slovenia the sun shines more than 2,000 hours a year, so every season offers a pleasant break. There are many wonderful locations to charm even the most demanding guest. The golf courses, ski slopes, various sports facilities, adrenaline and other sports pursuits will thrill even the most demanding sports enthusiasts. Cycling, hiking and even extreme sports and various recreational events are all on offer.

And what do foreigners coming to Slovenia like most of all? First come expressions of enthusiasm. Then responses that Slovenia is a pleasant country that calms the spirit and refreshes the body, especially with its unspoilt nature, mild climate, hospitality, friendly people and numerous thermal springs. They like to add that Slovenia’s greatness lies in its wealth of diversity, in values that have emerged over the centuries in a coexistence of man and nature, and that Slovenia is a clean, modern and safe country.


Kayaking down the Krka. Priceless.

October 2010

In these late summer days the River Krka, the main artery of Dolenjska, is quiet and mysterious. It may seem somewhat withdrawn and neglected, but the locals are still happy to call it the pride of Dolenjska. At first glance the...

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October 2010

In the past three years the volume of exports in Slovenia has grown sharply. This is something quite extraordinary, since we also suffered a beating from the international crisis. Nevertheless, in 2009 exports rose by 19% over...

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August 2010

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Ljubljana's JB Restaurant ranked among the top 100 in the world

July 2010

“Old-world charm, a hybrid Slovenian-Mediterranean-French menu, a top-notch wine list and very stylish decor have made this restaurant one of the most popular in town for a fancy meal”, is how the Slovenia edition of the famous...