Student residence permit

Youth hostel Celica in Ljubljana. Photo: UKOM archive

EU citizens do not need a permit (visa) to enter the Republic of Slovenia; they can enter with a valid identity card or a valid passport regardless of their purpose of stay. For all stays in Slovenia shorter than three months, these citizens do not have to register their place of residence, they only need to register at the competent police station within three days of crossing the country border.

If they want to stay in Slovenia longer than three months, they have to register their place of residence at their local administrative unit prior to the expiry of the three-month permitted residence period.

Alternatively, they may apply for a certificate on the registration of their residence immediately after their entry into Slovenia.

Foreign citizens not from non-EU Member States coming to the Republic of Slovenia for study, specialisation, professional improvement or practical training purposes will be issued visas or temporary residence permits.

You can find detailed information on the diplomatic/consular representation offices and on applications for issuing residence permits on the following websites:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs  and State portal of the Republic of Slovenia – »e-uprava «

Student working permit

Students can look for temporary job through a very well-developed network of student employment agencies. Temporary work of students and pupils doesn't require contracts or has other implications regular employment would have. Payment is per hour, per project or per effect in sales, but the company doesn't need to pay social or other fees for this type of employment.

There are two requirements. First is a valid residence permit and second is the status of student or pupil at a Slovenian higher education institution or high school in the current academic year. Many of foreign students and pupils find work through the student service. e-Študenski servis provides assistance also for challenges, that are not work related.

More information

Information for foreigners 

State portal »e-uprava « (entry into and exit from the country)