Admission and application

The reading room in the National and University Library in Ljubljana. The building, constructed in 1941, represents one of architect Jože Plečnik's most munumental works. Photo: Jakše - Jeršič

Enrolment procedures

The number of places available is limited for all study programmes. The places available for new applicants are announced by higher education institutions each year in a pre-enrolment announcement separately for first, second and third cycle study programmes. For students from EU member states, the enrolment procedures are the same as for Slovenian students. Places available for these students are included in the quota for Slovenian students. For foreigners from non-EU countries the number of study places available is set additionally. 

If the number of applicants exceeds the available number of study places, applicants are selected according to special criteria and procedure. If study places reserved for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and EU member states remain vacant, foreigners from non-EU states can also register for those places.

Foreign students may enrol for a fixed time period in case of student exchange programmes on the basis of international or interi-nstitutional agreements, according to the conditions determined in the agreement. 

Recognition of foreign education is part of enrolment procedure.

Foreign students wishing to study in Slovenia, in addition to the admission requirements, must satisfy certain conditions:

  • a residence permit for Slovenia;
  • proof of appropriate knowledge of the Slovenian language (otherwise they can attend a one-year School for Slovene language organised by the Centre for Slovene as a second language );
  • a medical certificate;
  • a certificate on the completion of the appropriate school / pre-education;
  • paid tuition and health care fees.

Application procedure

Call for applications for first cycle study programmes are opened nationally in February each year and institutions also organize information days where interested students can obtain all the necessary information. Completed applications are due in March and the competent institution notifies candidates of the results by the end of June. If admission tests are required (talent or physical condition), candidates are invited by the higher education institution to take them in May or June. Notifications of acceptance are sent out between July and September. The enrolment process usually takes place in August and September each year. Candidates from non-EU countries have separate deadlines that vary among higher education institutions.

Call for applications for second and third cycle study programmes are opened by each higher education institution separately, usually in June with an application deadline varying between the middle of August and the middle of September.

Note that any degree, obtained outside Slovenia, will need to undergo the process of the recognition of foreign certificates and diplomas for the purpose of continuation of studies, at the higher education institution, where the student wishes to continue his/her education. 

Entry regulations

An entrance visa  prior to coming to the country is required except for citizens from most European countries. For periods of study in excess of three months students must apply for a residence permit at the nearest Aliens Office.

As a rule only the foreigners with permanent residence in Slovenia and who are (them or their parents) taxpayers do not pay tuition fees, as well as the citizens of countries which have concluded bilateral agreements with Slovenia on the exemption from tuition fees (principle of reciprocity).