The Government

Government session room.

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia  (RS) is the executive body and, at the same time, the supreme body of the state administration. Thus the function of the Government is twofold: executive-political and administrative. Its executive-political function involves mainly the execution of policies agreed by the National Assembly and the implementation of the laws and other regulations passed by the National Assembly. In accordance with the constitution and with the laws and other general acts of the National Assembly, the Government sets, directs and harmonises the implementation of state policies. As the highest body of the state administration, it issues regulations and passes legal, political, economic, financial, organisational and other measures, which are needed for the development of the state and the regulation of conditions in all the areas of the state’s jurisdiction.

The Government proposes legislation, the state budget, national programmes and other general acts with which it determines the fundamental and long-term political direction of individual areas of state jurisdiction.

In EU affairs the Government represents the RS and advances the country's views in EU institutions. In respect of EU affairs the Government is independent and is answerable in performing its functions within the framework of the Constitution, the law regulating the position and operation of the Government, and the law regulating cooperation between the National Assembly and the Government in EU affairs. The Government issues regulations and other acts within its jurisdiction for implementing EU regulations.

The building of the Office of the Prime Minister and Government Communication Office, Gregorčičeva 25, Ljubljana.

The Government consists of the Prime Minister and other ministers. The Government and the ministers are independent within the framework of their jurisdiction, and responsible to the National Assembly.