Interest Groups and Social Partners

The APZ Tone Tomšič choir. Photo: Arsen Perić

Slovenia has a rich tradition of people organising themselves into interest groups. Today there are over 18,000 different organisations and associations registered in Slovenia, most of them for sports, culture and fire-fighting. Some interests are represented in particular: either within the scope of functional representation in the National Assembly or the scope of social partnership.

Within the scope of social partnership the interests of employers and employees are particularly organised. Only representative unions are included in negotiations between the employers and the state.

At the government level there is an Economic and Social Council of Slovenia , comprised of five representatives from the government, employers, and employees, respectively. In Council meetings and negotiations the members advance their views on social, economic and budgetary policies, particularly dealing with issues such as social agreements, social rights and compulsory insurance, employment problems, prices and taxes, the wages system, wages policy, employee co-management etc.