Which will be the official mascot of EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia?

Which will be the official mascot of EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia?

Candidates for official mascot

From Monday, 22 October to Sunday, 4 November 2012 big online voting is taking place.

Quote of Aleš Križnar, EuroBasket 2013 Director:

»EuroBasket 2013 is the biggest event in independent Slovenia and with that an all-Slovenian project. That is why we want to achieve that as much people as possible have a chance to participate in different ways. One of it is surely the voting for the official EuroBasket 2013 mascot for which we have decided because we appreciate public opinion and believe that it will choose the best possible figure that will represent Slovenia, the Championship and Slovenian basketball.«

Final candidates for official mascot of EuroBasket 2013

Bibi (Carniolan Bee) – one of the most rare and autochthonous Slovenian species which is a good guest of bee houses all around the world because of its diligence, creativeness and relentlessness. Just like great Slovenian basketball players.

Jamko (Proteus) – one of the most significant symbols and features of Slovenia and main character of Postojna Cave. The Slovenian people get to know the proteus in first years of school and because of its rarity it stays in their memory for all their lives.

Lipko (linden) – His main component is a tree of Slovenia – linden. His heart beats because of harmony between human and nature which is inborn to him because of the natural beauties of our country.

Lupi (wolf) – ancient Slovenian inhabitant that has almost left Slovenian hills a few years ago. But, because more than half of Slovenia is covered by forest, we cannot imagine the country without him. 

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