Traditional Ljubljana marathon. Photo: Domen Grogl

There is nothing that connects people more than sports and various forms of recreation. Slovenia’s diverse geography allows for numerous sporting activities. Slovenes are very fond of recreational sports, and certain surveys show that no less than forty per cent of Slovenes practise a sport in one way or another. They are well catered for, as there are many recreational sporting events held throughout the year across the country. Naturally, sporting activities also exist at institutional and professional levels.


Slovenian basketball on top of the world

October 2010

Sixty years ago no one could even have dreamed that one day a Slovenian national team would be playing at the World Championship! The Slovenian team's eighth place at the 2010 FIBA World Championship in Turkey is a great success...

Heads held high, but the worst luck of the tournament

August 2010

The nineteenth football World Cup is history. Slovenia will remember this World Cup fondly, as it finally placed us in the upper echelons of world football. Simply qualifying was a minor sensation, and our excellent showing among...

Petra Majdič - Snow Queen

February 2010

On 30 November 2008 the Finnish newspaper Koillissanomat, published in Kuusamo, wrote: “Petra Majdič lumikuningatar” – snow queen. This was on her third successive victory at the prestigious competition in the village of Ruka...

Death of a great loner - Veteran Slovenian climber Tomaž Humar died in the Himalayas

December 2009

The 2009 year, has been a sad year for Slovenian climbing. The Himalayas, that great challenge for all alpinists, claimed the life of three outstanding Slovenian climbers. The latest of them was Tomaž Humar, probably the best...

Planica - Virtual Reality

March 2009

Here in Planica, everything started. Here, in this famous valley of ski jumping hills, the ski flying was born in the year of 1934. Here, in Planica, the man was able to ski-fly first over 100 metres then over 200 metres for the...