Social Care

Photo: Darinka Mladenovič

The state ensures the functioning of social care institutes, creates the conditions for private social work activities, and stimulates and supports the development of self-help, charity work, programmes enabling a more independent life for the disabled, and voluntary work. Rights to social care services and contributions are determined according to the principles of equal availability and free choice for all those entitled.

The state works towards preventing social exclusion, particularly by influencing the social position of the population in the areas of taxation, employment and work, and through grants, housing policy, family policy, health care, education and other policy areas.

In 2004, a new kind of employment subsidy for long-term social assistance beneficiaries was introduced. Its aim is to encourage the employment of people who depend on social assistance and to increase their income. The state also particularly promotes the training and employment of the disabled, and the care for people with mental or physical disabilities.