Holidays and Days off in the Republic of Slovenia

25 June - Statehood Day. Photo: UKOM Archive

New Year: 1 January

Prešeren Day, Slovenian Cultural Holiday: 8 February

Day of Uprising Against the Occupation: 27 April

May Day Holiday: 1 and 2 May

Primož Trubar Day*: 8 June 

Statehood Day: 25 June

Day of Slovenes in Prekmurje Incorporated into the Mother Nation *: 17 August

Day of Restoration of the Primorska Region to the Motherland *: 15 September

All Saints' Day: 1 November

Rudolf Maister Day*: 23 November

Independence and Unity Day 26 December

*working day

Days off in the Republic of Slovenia are also:

Potica - a pastry for festive occasions. Photo: Iztok Dimc

Easter Sunday and Monday 


Feast of the Assumption: 15 August

Reformation Day: 31 October

Christmas: 25 December