Abundant pleasure in unspoilt nature. Photo: UKOM archives

Slovenia's idyllic natural environment offers many splendid opportunities to do golf. Nature has provided the ideal backdrop for golf courses here, and there is a wide range of attractive golf clubs, courses, and practice courses to choose from.

Different landscapes provide many different natural backdrops – from grassy fields to karst terrain, Pannonian fields, and rolling hills. From the grassy fields at the foot of the Julian Alps to the rolling hills around the Sava River, this diverse terrain offers eight golf courses and fourteen practice courses. Apart from their neatness, their key attributes include easy access, openness, and a large selection of opportunities for training and practicing. They offer an opportunity for everyone – from beginners to individuals seeking to upgrade their skills, as well as for the children and the entire family. For many, the club and the ball, the diverse placement of holes, and the vast green golf courses are the perfect way to spend their holiday and leisure time in a sporting activity.

A Golfer’s Paradise

One fo Slovenia's golf course was constructed on the river island of Otočec , only five kilometres from Novo Mesto the capital of Dolenjska. The course lies along the Krka River, in the immediate vicinity of the famous Otočec and Struga castles. On somewhat hilly terrain, hidden away in the embrace of the forest, the new golf course was laid out according to the latest standards. The game can be started from one of five different teeing grounds, making the course attractive for both professional and amateur players.

From thermal spas to the Arboretum

Ptuj golf course. Photo: Jakše - Jeršič

In the close vicinity of the Gorjanci hills, near Mokrice Castle , lies another 18-hole course, designed by world-famous architect Donald Harradine. According to golfers, each game presents a challenge. Each hole has its own set of characteristics and requires specific skills. The par 4 fifth hole, 285 metres from tee to green, may look easy, but many players tell us that it is one of the most difficult challenges in this part of Europe, because the fairway bends to the left, the tee shot must be very precise and at least 200 meters in order for the second shot to reach the green.

The nearby course in the town of Olimje  proves that the locals' hospitality and the beautiful landscape can attract people to play and socialise. With its nine holes, the course offers great diversity, as each one requires a different approach. They say that a golfer can get hooked on the Olimje course because of its wonderful sand traps and water hazards and of all the surrounding natural beauty that this valley is blessed with.

Rich in natural beauty and cultural and historic attractions, the idyllic landscape of Prekmurje attracts anyone seeking peace, recreation, relaxation, and sporting pleasures in particular. The Moravci  course, which surrounds the local health resort, adds to the recreational opportunities available in the area. It is suitable for experienced players as well as beginners, visitors to the thermal spas, or just random everyday visitors. Golf training programs are available, in addition to a training course for practicing short and long strokes. Various golf tournaments are also organised here.

The Ptuj  course has won the coveted title of best-kept golf course in Slovenia several times. The course is known for its numerous, mainly water, hazards. On this course, players with a precise stroke achieve good results. Most players remember the 14th hole in particular, where the player has to land the ball on an island in order to make par 3. The course itself is not too difficult, and is also suitable for recreational players due to its configuration, which does not require great physical stamina. This allows players to concentrate on the game, and the rich fauna and flora on the course. 

Picturesque natural environment. Photo: Aleš Fevžer

A well-maintained 9-hole course, surrounded by vineyards, streams, ponds, a forest and natural habitats, is hidden away in an idyllic valley among the vineyards of Slovenske Konjice, one of the oldest towns in central Slovenia. They are planning to expand the course this year.

The course at the Volčji Potok Arboretum  lies in a picturesque natural environment in the middle of a pine forest, among lakes and other natural beauties. The views of the Kamnik Alps and the immediate vicinity of the Arboretum park provide a wonderful experience on a diverse 18-hole course which poses a challenge even for the best of players. Four practice greens and a training facility are available for anyone wanting to improve their game. The centre of social activity and the heart of the course is the club house at the ninth putting green, which overlooks an artificial lake. The course is open from mid-March to mid-November.