Thermal Spas

Terme Rogaška. Photo: B. Bajželj/STO

Healing effects of spring and thermal waters are known from the beginning of man’s history because they are an important factor used in medicine and health care. On the territory of Slovenia, great importance has always been attributed to water and its healing effects: evidence of the long tradition of thermal spas in Slovenia can be seen in archaeological finds from the time of the Roman Empire. The first written records documenting thermal springs date back to 1147. 

Slovenia offers 87 natural thermal springs with water temperature between 32 and 73 degrees Celsius. Beneficial and healing effects of water are complemented by unique natural conditions. All health resorts use them in rehabilitation of the locomotive and nervous systems and healing conditions caused by injuries or operations of motoric system. Thermal waters are used for sport and recreational purposes as well, for relaxing and for cleansing saunas or rejuvenating baths.