Getting married

Photo: Portorož Tourist Board

A foreigner may get married in Slovenia, either to a Slovene citizen or to another foreigner. Under Slovene law, only a civil marriage service is considered valid, although you may then have a religious ceremony if you wish.

You must register the forthcoming marriage with the Marriage Registry Office of the Administrative Unit (Upravna enota, Oddelek za upravne notranje zadeve, Matični urad) in the location where you wish to get married. This can be accomplished not more than six months before the proposed wedding date, but no sooner than 14 days before the proposed wedding date.

You will be required to submit to the Administrative Unit:

  • Both spouses' original birth certificates or certified copies.
  • Both spouses' passports.
  • Certificate of No Legal Imediments for each spouse, also known as the A Free to Marry Certificate, which can usually be issued by your Embassy. 
  • Documentary proof of dissolution of previous marriages, if any, e.g. final divorce or annulment decrees or a Death Certificate of the deceased spouse. The divorce decree should be presented to the Slovene district court to be certified as legally valid in Slovenia.
  • All documents not in Slovene must be accompanied by a translation performed by a certified translator. 

Both marriage partners should be present when applying at the Administrative Unit. If this is not possible, then the absent fiancé(e) must submit a notarized Power of Attorney, which also must be translated into Slovene, authorizing a third person to sign the Administrative Unit document regarding his/her intent to marry.

Once you submit these documents, then you can sign up for any available marriage date at the Administrative Unit. After the marriage has been performed, the Administrative Unit will issue a marriage certificate.