An economic activity may be performed in Slovenia by a natural or legal entity taking one of a number of legal organisational forms. Natural entities perform business operations as sole traders. For legal entities, several forms of company are recognised in Slovenia, which the Companies Act (Zakon o gospodarskih družbah ) divides, in the classic manner, into limited companies and partnerships. Limited companies are limited liability companies (d.o.o.), public limited companies (d.d.), European companies (SE) and partnerships limited by shares (k.d.d.). Partnerships are unlimited companies (d.n.o.), limited partnerships (k.d.) and dormant partnerships (t.d.). The most common forms are the sole trader (entrepreneur) and the limited liability company (d.o.o.).

Entrepreneurs may start to operate their business once they are registered as an economic subject and fulfil the special conditions which differ depending on their main business. This means that an entrepreneur may start up a craft establishment upon obtaining a craft licence.

e-VEM (acronym for ‘everything in one place’)

IT support for future sole proprietors, which allows them to be able to start up in the shortest time possible, is provided by the government portal for commercial subjects, e-VEM (acronym for ‘everything in one place’). Foreign nationals who do not have permanent or temporary residence in Slovenia must also obtain an EMŠO (national identity) number and tax number before they start their business, and on this basis their application for entry in the Business Register of Slovenia can be performed on their behalf by an authorised clerk (representative or adviser) at one of the e-VEM access points. Applications submitted by future entrepreneurs via the portal must bear a digital signature, so the use of qualified digital confirmation is obligatory.

The e-VEM portal offers various services: printing out applications and orders in the form of standard forms or filling them in and sending them to the corresponding authorities electronically after having been downloaded to a user’s computer. Companies can use e VEM access points to perform most procedures relating to registration and changes in company status, submitting notification of a job vacancy, application, change or de-registration of self or employees from insurance. Most of these formalities can be performed for EU citizens by an authorised person.

Future sole traders may also complete all the registration procedures by making a personal visit to one of the access points, which are located at branches of the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services , administrative units and local offices, at the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investmen t, the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia,  the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry  and the Slovenian Tax Administration .