Bled Castle, situated on a cliff overlooking Lake Bled. Bled is offering also special wedding packages (wedding ceremonies at the castle, the carriage ride around the lake, the boat to the island, ringing the wishing bell ...). Photo:

Slovenia has a well-developed road network that is safe for travel.  Highways connect to neighboring cities and countries and are clearly sign-posted. Traffic moves on the right; road signs and traffic rules are consistent with those used throughout Europe.

Slovenian citizenship means a permanent legal bond between the Republic of Slovenia and its citizens, irrespective of the method by which the citizenship was acquired. The citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia may be acquired by birth or by naturalisation. 

Getting married
A foreigner may get married in Slovenia, either to a Slovene citizen or to another foreigner. Under Slovene law, only a civil marriage service is considered valid, although you may then have a religious ceremony if you wish.Getting married

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