Use of the brand

The power of the brand is in its content and the motivation of the citizens to live the brand. The brand gets more strength when it is largely and frequently used. The Slovenia brand will grow stronger as often and uniformly it is used. The use of the brand for promotion is thus encouraged and supported.

Photo: Aleš Fevžer

We love Slovenia – what can we do to make this visible?

By every-day reviving and the use of the I feel Slovenia brand in different fields, we will give a clear image of our vision, advantages, visions and characteristics of Slovenia.

The identity of the brand, the recommended guidelines and the possible ways of using the brand are written in the  Brand's Manual. (3.1 MB)

The Brand Manual describes the content of the brand, presents and prescribes the use of the brand, including the guidelines to use the slogan and logo. It is designed for all who want to use this brand.

Every user will use it differently, but the most important is: it is not allowed to change the brand or its logo.  

How to get permission for the promotional use of the brand?

Everybody can use the brand for promotion but they must obtain permission or consent for its use by the brand's caretaker.

To use the brand, please fill in the form  to obtain permission to use the brand.

The interested individuals or organisations which obtain the permission to use the brand agree that the sign/logo will be used exclusively for promotion and in accordance with the manual on the overall image of the brand and that the draft of the design/graphical solution will be submitted to the contact person of the brand's caretaker for confirmation.