Brand story

Why is Slovenia different?

Slovenia is like a postcard with changing images of landscapes from Alpine, Pannonian and Mediterranean area. In an hour, it changes from Mediterranean blue to the high Alps and descends to the Pannonian lowlands. The diversity and variety of such a small area which is complemented by the unspoiled nature, is a prerequisite for balance and security. The security and coexistence are key qualities of the relation with other countries.

We know how to respect diversity as we are so heterogeneous. Our language, the Slovenian language, is spoken by 2 million people. Our language is our value which unites us and makes us unique. But as we want to understand others, we are very good in foreign languages.

Brand story #country

Slovenia are people. The citizens give the country a special mark. They are its heartbeat and temper. Slovenians are hard-working and ambitious, we make profit, we are active and always in motion. We feel the wish to win recognition. We love our country. Family is one of the most important values. Health and responsibility are key values.

We are individualists. We are attached to our local community and even though we often travel, we do not often move to another place. Slovenians are enthusiastic about everything we love. We excel in what we love and feel.

Brand story #economy

The Slovenian economy is always in motion. The Slovenians want to win recognition. By pursuing our personal interests, we build a niche economy which is based on doing things we love. Our enthusiasm for the pursuit of business goals is infectious. As we are an individualistic culture, we make profit which comes from a common source – the balance between our wishes and capacity, between human and nature. This is why we support organic development. By investing in things we love, we will save Slovenian green. We are innovative and environmentally friendly.

We intentionally chose a niche economy
In Slovenia, special energy glows in the activities we love doing. We excel in these activities. The growth of personal interests led to a variety of economic activities which have a common denominator – they are niche activities which became a boutique with the help of enthusiasm. We want to invest in activities in which we excel. The Slovenian zeal for doing things we love will help us make profit in these fields.

Organic development
Slovenia goes hand in hand with nature. Due to its target-oriented development, this is also true for economy. The Slovenian economy supports technological progress as it creates and preserves the main distinguishing advantage of Slovenia – its unspoiled environment. The consent on the organic development as the vision of the Slovenian future is directing the investment in our capacity and efficiency. Home or foreign.

As we get deeply engaged, we specialise in the individual fields and we are innovative. We know how to amaze with incredible solutions and an innovative approach.

Brand story #tourism

Slovenia decided that sustainable (green, ecological) tourism will be its main goal for the development of tourism in the future. Sustainable tourism means environmentally friendly travelling to destinations where flora, fauna and cultural heritage are the main attractions and where the impact on the climate is reduced to a minimum.

The story of the Slovenia brand in the field of tourism is connected to Slovenian green.  It is calming but exciting, it encourages us to take up activities and feel the joy which is based on the contact with nature.

Holidays in Slovenia will help you regain balance. The harmony of the senses with which you experienced Slovenian green will give you élan and calm you at the same time. In Slovenia, you are always in contact with something elementary, be it water, the smell of the forest or the genuine taste of food.

Slovenia support the pursuit of personal wishes. The common denominator of the Slovenian tourism is relaxation which will spoil all your senses just the way you want it. Holidays in Slovenia are tailored to meet the needs of the guest. Slovenia allows, supports and defends the principle of selfness – taking time for yourself and indulging yourself in doing things you love. Slovenia will help you feel yourself. And green plays the key role.

Brand story #culture and art

The Slovenians are one of the rare nations which ground the national status and citizenship on culture and art. Culture and art are elementary. Culture is a part of us and surrounds us at every step. As we are a nation of individuals, culture is the choice of individuals. We are a nation of artists.  A form of culture which is practised by an individual is reflected in pride which we feel to our creations. Art and culture are not only within the domain of institutions. They are also a part of people and our everyday life.

Brand story #science

Already in the time when candles were the only source of light, the Slovenian scientists made significant contribution to the treasure of knowledge. Logarithms, propeller, water-soluble coenzyme Q-10 and liquid magnet are only few of inventions which left an important mark in the world of science.

The Slovenian science is a field of individuals who are interested in taking up things which are incomprehensible or unknown to many people. Their eagerness knows no boundaries. Slovenian green is maintained also through the progress of science.

Slovenian science is a niche science. It cannot be otherwise as the Slovenians create profit in fields we love. The most important scientific achievements are born from love for the topic we explore. The eagerness which helps us to evolve our interests opens the doors to new scientific knowledge. The Slovenians are individuals who follow their personal interests. The Slovenian science is a broad range of development achievements in the fields which the Slovenians love.

Brand story #sports

Slovenians are closely connected with sports. Our story is also a story of sport – exercise fills us with élan and makes us eager to achieve recreational and professional goals. Sport is a part of the Slovenian identity and an important part of the Slovenia brand and its green.

As we are always in motion and in contact with the nature, Slovenia is filled with special (sporting) energy. Allotment gardening, running and daily walks – the Slovenians connect all physical activities with the quality of life. The Slovenians cannot imagine a balanced lifestyle without physical activity.

We make profit in sports. The wish to do exercise is a part of every Slovenian. Exercising fills us with élan. The eagerness to pursue our recreational goals comes from the wish for balance. Sports make profit because we love exercising. Exercise makes us one with forests, meadows and the Slovenian waters. When we exercise, we are a part of Slovenian green.

If is hard to believe how a two-million nation can have that much success in sports. Since our independence, we are placed first as regards the medals per inhabitants at big competitions.  We are probably the only small nation which participated at the biggest competitions in team sports (football, hockey, handball, volleyball) and whose individuals won outstanding achievements (skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping).

We discover the natural boundaries
We ski where nobody has skied before, we climb where nobody has gone before, we swim in waters where nobody has swam before, we cycle the distances which others cannot. We do not conquer the elementary natural laws and boundaries, we discover them. We are capable to make profit because we take up activities we love. Ambitions make us discover the boundaries set by the nature. As we appreciate balance and security, we respect these boundaries.

Slovenian athletes at Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. Photo: Aleš Fevžer