Habits and Customs

Traditional costumes still have a place in the people's hearts. Photo: Kompas archives

Slovenia has always preserved its ethnological features and traditions. Even today, the kozolec, a traditional rack for drying hay and other field crops, can been seen all across Slovenia. The double kozolec is unique in the world and delights the eye with the originality of its construction and its ornate decoration.

Along with its universally known breed of honeybee, a special feature of Slovenia is the colourful beehive panel decorated with religious, historical, and frequently humourous scenes found on the front of the original Slovene beehive. In the 18th and 19th centuries there were at least fifty thousand in existence, and the more than six hundred preserved motifs remain a genuine gallery of folk art.

Among Slovenia's many historical legacies, its original skis arouse special respect. One of the oldest means of transportation on the high Bloke plateau in central Slovenia, they were first documented in the 17th century. 

Old Festivals

Slovene originality is also reflected in numerous Carnival costumes, among which the kurent figure from Ptujsko polje is especially interesting.