The Charms of Crafts

Slovenians know how to create art out of everything they love. In addition to artists with various skills and crafts that have been handed down from generation to generation they are also successful in many modern art forms accessible to all generations.


2000 years of Roman city of Emona

Photo: Andrej Peunik

July 2014

Two thousand years ago, the Roman city of Emona stood on the site of the present-day Ljubljana. In 2014, in celebration of the anniversary, Ljubljana will host a vibrant programme of events and experiences aimed at evoking the...

The Wheel, 5200 years

The 5200 years old wheel. Photo: Matevž Paternoster/MGML

March 2014

The City Museum of Ljubljana is still showing an extremely appealing exhibition – The Wheel, 5200 – which is on display until 20 April 2014. This exhibition was long-anticipated, in fact ever since the oldest wooden wheel (with...

The taste of tradition

December 2013

Generations of Slovenians have grown up experiencing the exciting festive expectation of potica, which is undoubtedly Slovenia's most festive dish.

The first open-air hayrack museum in the world

July 2012

The hay rack is an important feature of the Slovenian ethnic area and an example of folk architecture worth preserving. Thus, the initiative by the Municipality of Šentrupert in the Dolenjska region to design a ‘land of hay...

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