Library under the treetops

Photo: Luka Dakskobler

The Library Under the Treetops is a well-visited location where you can read, create, and socialise, and it provides free reading, browsing and enjoyment beneath the leafy canopies of trees.

The book has a transcendent value for Slovenians and – like all culture – is one of the foundations of Slovenian national identity. 

The first Library under the Treetops  event took place against the backdrop of the willows on the Trnovo riverside, which in 1936 Slovenia's greatest architect Jože Plečnik  covered with attractive stone terraces. This made an inspiring setting for those who wished to retreat from the bustle of the city without withdrawing completely from it. 

From the simple idea of reading books under a tree, the Library under the Treetops has developed into an established and well-attended festival of reading, creativity and socialising. While this leisurely reading circle initially made its permanent home under the treetops of Ljubljana, with every passing year it increasingly resembles a mobile green library. Today the coast, tomorrow the mountains, the day after that Europe. The project nevertheless remains true to its roots and, in conjunction with publishing companies, partners and supporters, continues to offer people a free opportunity to read under the trees – or to leaf (through a book) under the leaves. 

The Library under the Treetops is an enjoyable way to retreat from hurry, tension, stress and pollution. Only words talk beneath the treetops. The story and its interpretation are all that exist. 

Text by Tanja Glogovčan