National and University Library in Ljubljana. The building, constructed in 1941, represents one of architect Jože Plečnik's most monumental works. Photo: Grega Wernig

Almost every Slovenian is by nature a writer, painter, cook, dancer, wine-maker, musician, director, actor, blogger or engraver. They know how to create art out of everything they love. In addition to artists with various skills and crafts that have been handed down from generation to generation, Slovenians are also successful in many modern art forms accessible to all generations.

Cultural events are unbelievably well attended – various festivals (especially in the summer months) thrill visitors who come from near and far. Theatre and concerts are popular, Slovenians love to read and are proud of their cultural tradition. We should mention France Prešeren, a poet who became the pride of Slovenian poetry and author of Slovenia’s national Anthem, Zdravljica. The anthem appeals for the coexistence of nations and is a zdravljica, or toast, to all people of good heart.


European Capital of Culture - a good harvest in the first three months

May 2012

The first quarter of Maribor’s year as the European Capital of Culture has already passed. The project is alive and well and attracting a large audience. In this period, the cultural project had attracted more than 250 foreign...

Ambitious staging of Kogoj’s opera Black Masks by the Capital of Culture

April 2012

The premiere of the opera, Black Masks, written by the Slovenian composer, Marij Kogoj, was one of the opening sequences in an extensive programme of cultural events for this year's European Capital of Culture. The selection of...

Slovenia Press Photo 2012

April 2012

Slovenian photographers and photojournalists monitor and record a variety of interesting and gripping stories every day. The Slovenia Press Photo 2012 contest is an opportunity to take a look at the best photojournalist...

Easter Sunday Customs

April 2012

The Easter period has been connected with the liturgy and folk piety, as well as with a barely transparent array of archaic pagan customs, beliefs and superstitions, a feature particularly typical of Slovenia. Therefore, they...