The history of Slovenian photography is very rich. The National Museum  keeps a collection of photographs on  glass, which includes ten thousand photographic plates (positives). The oldest and the most precious are glass-plate photographs by the Slovenian photographic innovator Janez Puhar . They also keep Puhars's diploma from the French "Académie nationale agricole, manufacturiere et commerciale", a letter to his sister, etc.

The Gorenjska museum  houses also a cabinet of Slovenian photography. The department is responsible for organising the photo documentation from all over the Gorenjska region. All this material is freely accessible as this is a great way to promote the museum and region’s cultural heritage.

The AML - Museum of Architecture and Design  holds a wealth of written and pictorial documentation on the history of Slovene photography. The collection consists of approximately 4,000 artistic photographs, 1,000 original colour slides and around 20,000 negatives of various formats. The oldest works date from around 1900, whereas most of the photographic material dates from the period between around 1930 and 1980. The departmentl, is also the headquarters of the journal of the history and theory of photography Fotoantika.

Museum of Modern Art  and National and University Library  (NUK) also keep collections of photographs.


‘The Alps - A Bird’s Eye View’, an exhibition of photographs by Matevž Lenarčič in Bern

July 2012

The official opening of ‘The Alps – A Bird’s Eye View’, an open-air exhibition of aerial photographs by the Slovenian photographer, pilot and environmentalist Matevž Lenarčič, took place at the prestigious Zentrum Paul Klee arts...

Slovenia Press Photo 2012

April 2012

Slovenian photographers and photojournalists monitor and record a variety of interesting and gripping stories every day. The Slovenia Press Photo 2012 contest is an opportunity to take a look at the best photojournalist...

Photography competition Picture Slovenia: 20 Years of Independence

December 2010

On the Picture Slovenia web portal the competition Picture Slovenia: 20 Years of Independence photography was held from 5 October 2010 till 23 December. In the photography competition, 2,800 entries were submitted by 970...

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