Slovenia lies right in the middle of one of the world's most exciting business regions. It sits on the intersection of several of Europe's historical crossroads. Transport by rail and road prevails over air traffic due to Slovenia’s short distances. And Slovenia also has direct access to the sea through the Port of Koper. Ships coming into the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal can save 5-10 days and up to 3,700 km by using the southern sea-route access to Central Europe.

Prime investment location

In a challenging business landscape, Slovenia is a prime investment location. Foreign investors choose Slovenia for a great variety of reasons. The most important are high business ethics and commitment to quality work, good ties with markets in Western and Southeastern Europe, a central position in Europe and  good infrastructure, and last, but not least, quality of life.

Austria remains the largest investor, followed by Germany, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The Slovenian Government seeks to attract investment from other countries in order to bring greater diversity into Slovenian economy.

The financial crises that evolved into a global economic meltdown has overturned Slovenia’s traditionally strong scorecard in unemployment and the number of students enrolled in higher education programmes.