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Futuristic kitchen Gorenje Ora-Ito in the city. Photo: UKOM archive

At home and abroad, Slovenian companies have celebrated numerous sucessful and highly innovative products. Ever heard of Elan skis, the ones used by skiing champions? Or Seaway sailing boats and Pipistrel ultralight aircraft? Or perhaps state-of-the-art Gorenje home appliances?


Elan receives most innovative brand 2012 award

Photo: Elan archives

June 2012

Elan has been awarded this year's Most Innovative Brand 2012 award in the sports equipment category. The award is conferred every year by German organisation Plus X Award. Elan therefore ranks alongside other prestigious companies to have been awarded this title in other categories: Adidas, Porsche, AEG, Blackberry, Buderus, LG, Opel and Sony, and will go down in history as one of the most innovative companies. More ›

Riko to build a EUR 100 million complex in Belarus

Photo: Riko archives

May 2012

The Slovenian company Riko will build a multi-purpose complex featuring a five-star Kempinski Hotel and 81 apartments and offices in the centre of the Belarus capital, Minsk. The construction of the hotel is valued at EUR 57 million, while the cost of the entire complex is estimated at over EUR 100 million. More ›

Krka ranks among the world's best companies

Photo: Krka archives

April 2012

Last year, Krka Group sales were worth EUR 1.076 billion and the company expects to report similar growth this year. In 2012, Krka Group is planning a 6% growth in sales, amounting to EUR 1,134 million. It will continue to focus its attention on the European and Central Asian markets, with more than 90% of its sales coming from outside Slovenia. In 2012, the company expects to increase its headcount, both in Slovenia and abroad, by 5%. More ›

Vanguard from under Karavanke

Photo: Elan archive

January 2012

Elan with amfibia ski and Seaway with its series of Greenline Hybrid ecological vessels – both innovations have helped these two companies maintain their reputation as progressive – almost vanguard – manufacturers. More ›

Raising global standards with Pipistrel

Photo: Pipistrel archive

November 2011

Pipistrel, a company owned by Mr Ivo Boscarol, has won the NASA award for the most efficient electric aircraft with its Taurus G4. The Taurus G4, the first four-seat aircraft with electric propulsion, was victorious over its only serious competitor — the German team's e-Genius aircraft. At this year's competition, Pipistrel cooperated with the Penn State University team headed by Dr Jack Langelaan, since only teams from the US are permitted to compete; Pipistrel has already received NASA's invitation for it to put its winning Taurus G4 on permanent display in its aviation museum. More ›

The Rogaška Glass Factory

Photo: Rogaška archives

Rogaška Slatina is a little town in a pleasant valley in the middle of the Obsotelje region. Despite its small size it is famous for several world-renowned products and services. Rogaška Slatina boasts a thermal spring that is famous for the beneficial effects of its water; it is the location of one of the most prestigious spas in Slovenia; and it is home to a glassworks, Steklarna Rogaška, producing products of such refined elegance that they have found enthusiastic customers all over the world.

Many of the products of the Rogaška glassmakers achieve the level of works of art, and the effort of many skilled professionals is invested in them. Noble beverages are decanted into Rogaška products; gastronomic specialities are served in them; crystal candlesticks help create the atmosphere. For all moments and occasions. More »


A folding bike

Environmentally friendly form of transport for city residents. Photo: Studio Moderna archive

A folding bike you take onto a train or bus?

Of course it is possible. And it is even simpler at that, with the bike invented by Slovenian innovator Niko Mihelič, the well-known sports commentator. The frame is made from a single piece and is no smaller than a normal city bike; it therefore offers a ride as comfortable as a normal bike.

The concept of the folding of the bike was developed by engineer and innovator Niko Mihelič. The bike has been patented worldwide and is the fruit of Slovenian knowledge and creativity.

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Seaway goes green at sea

In less than half a year, Greenline 33 has won several design and environmental awards, as well as the title of Yacht of the Year. Photo:

Concern for the environment is becoming increasingly important in the boating world. This has been shown in the title European Yacht of the Year, won by the Greenline 33 Hybrid, a boat of Slovenian design and manufacture. Owing to its innovative design, at the biggest world nautical exhibition at Düsseldorf in Germany on 23 January this year it won what is termed the nautical Oscar, the European Yacht of the Year prize. At Düsseldorf, another Slovenian vessel, the sailing yacht Seascape 18, from the company Issa, also won a prize.

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