Ljubljana Stock Exchange. Photo: Leon Vidic

The new EU directives have made the listing of companies from other EU member states on the Slovene regulated market as simple as the listing of a domestic company. This is due to the single passport rule, which enables companies from member states a simple listing process provided that their listing prospectus had been approved by their home member state regulator. 

As for the listing of issuers from third countries – it can be just as simple.

In order to list on the LJSE, a third-country issuer must draw up and publish the prospectus, and appoint an authorized person eligible to render investment services in Slovenia. The issuer might first check with the Slovene Securities Market Agency whether it can approve the prospectus as drawn up under the law of the respective third country.

Stock Exchange - Ljubljanska borza, d.d., Ljubljana

In Slovenia there is currently one organized securities market – Ljubljanska borza, d.d., Ljubljana (the Ljubljana Stock Exchange) . It was established in 1990.

In 1997, the LJSE became a member of the International Association of Stock Exchanges (FIBV). In 2002, a co-operation project was launched involving the LJSE and the stock exchanges of South-east Europe (SEM-IN.NET).