Virtual reality developer wins start-up of the year award

Viar team. Photo: Viar archives

Virtual reality start-up company Viar  was declared the Slovenian start-up of the year at the Podim conference , the biggest event for start-ups in the country, concluded in Maribor.

The developer of the web platform Viar 360 , which simplifies the process of creation of virtual reality content, has won the award in the competition of six start-ups. 

Viar 360

The platform enables the users to create without programming in virtual reality attractive interactive stories and publish them in their mobile applications, websites or social networks.

Viar 360  has already been used by companies such as Disney, Microsoft, Samsung and Bosch.

The award for Viar includes personal advisory services from Marvin Liao, a partner of the elite US start-up accelerator 500 startups.

Last year, the start-up of the year award went to Nizkocenovci , a search engine for low-budget flights.

Source: STA