Slovenian designers of swimwear

Photo: Nancy Beachwear archive


Slovenia’s sea, lakes and rivers provide much needed cool refreshment on hot summer days, and health resorts and spas welcome guests throughout the year. Such a vast array of opportunities for swimming has inspired Slovenian designers of swimwear. 

Lisca’s colourful range

Photo: Lisca d. d. archive

For many years, the successful company Lisca  has been exciting us with its wonderful underwear, swimwear and clothes for men and women. The collections by this Slovenian manufacturer are particularly attractive when photographed in beautiful Slovenian towns. 

“We have organised photo shoots in many places in Slovenia. The photos of the Cheek by Lisca lingerie collection were thus taken at Lake Cerknica a few years ago, then in Mozirski Gaj, in the Karst. Photo shoots for swimwear have taken place in Izola, Portorož and Piran. Different venues in Ljubljana, Celje and Rogaška Slatina proved to be interesting locations; this year’s spring lingerie collection of the Lisca Selection was shot at Rajhenburg Castle in Brestanica,” said designer Maja Ratajc. 

The photos for this year’s Cheek by Lisca swimwear collection were taken in Piran. Why Piran? “We choose different locations for shooting swimwear which create a nice holiday or seaside atmosphere. Piran has a romantic and relaxed vibe, and is the perfect location for a youthful getaway, even if brief, and at the same time gives the feel of a cosmopolitan atmosphere. And all of the above are the perfect fit for this year’s Cheek by Lisca collection. The photos were taken on a lovely terrace of Piran Hotel,” explains Ratajc.

Nancy beachwear for mermaids

Photo: Nancy Beachwear archive

The photos for catalogues of Nancy  beachwear collections, which have been popular since its establishment in 1991, were taken abroad for many years, but this year they decided to shoot the catalogue in Slovenia since it is just as beautiful as any foreign country if not more. The photos for the 2015 collection were thus taken in Portorož in the Kempinski Palace Hotel, which provided a perfect backdrop for the beachwear creations with its magnificent gardens and swimming pool. The first catalogue shot in Slovenia was for the 2013 collection which also featured Idrija lace, leaving an additional Slovenian mark on the beachwear. Some of the most picturesque venues in Slovenia were selected for the photo shoot, i.e. Bled and Vintgar Gorge, Piran and Otočec with its surroundings. In 2014, the collection was presented in the Botanical Garden in Ljubljana. 

Text by Danila Golob