AND by Andraž

Stylish Sports Clothes Made of Superb Materials

Filip Flisar. Photo: Tamino Petelinšek

Filip Flisar, Slovenian free-style ski cross competitor and the owner of the most beautiful moustache at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, wrote on his Facebook profile that he has designed his own clothes for this winter season. He is competing in a green-grey combination.

And who made his ski clothes? The lively and playful collection, suited to his character, is made of technologically perfected materials. “Ski cross prescribes special clothes which must be loose in certain areas to allow better aerodynamic drag. According to his body, we designed a model which in certain places is a close fit and in others loose and which meets the international sports requirements,” explains Nataša Berginc, owner and director of the company AND by Andraž, which has been present in the Slovenian market since 1989. They have been cooperating with the handsome skier for eight years and making his clothes since the beginning of his sports career. Director Berginc says enthusiastically that working with him is a real pleasure.

Unique clothes

All the clothes with the AND by Andraž trademark are made in Slovenia, from the first drawing to the final stitch. Theirs is a boutique offer which provides small collections designed to allow for combinations of individual clothing items. An own development and design team ensure the technical and functional perfection of their products. Materials made in Europe are used which have quality certificates (Oeko-Tex Standard 100). Their products are not intended only for active sportspeople, but also for people who wish to wear high-quality clothes in their free time. “Fashion trends dictate a combination of sports wear with casual wear. We use combinations of different technical and fashionable materials for free time. The clothes are suitable for sports activities, for free time and also as comfortable fashionable clothes for work,” says Berginc.

There is also a high demand for original sports products. The company makes custom-made clothes for individuals according to their desired design. Clients express their wishes and select colour combinations on the basis of which the company prepares a few drawings from which the clients select their favourites. The selected design is then adjusted to fit the client. They also design collections for companies and create designs which highlight the company’s trademark. 

For top sportspeople

AND by Andraž: high-quality products, materials and production and exceptional adjustability to clients’ wishes.

In addition to Filip Flisar, the quality of their products has also been recognised by other top national and international sportspeople. The company cooperates with the young and promising Slovenian snowboader Tim Mastnak, who wrote on his social network profile that AND by Andraž would ensure he was recognisable on the ski slopes this year. He looks excellent in a blue technical down jacket and ski pants with unique embroidery on the right leg. 


They have also made clothes for the Serbian skier Nevena Ignjatović and her team for the second time. “We have been present in foreign markets for over twenty years through various ski clubs. And that’s how we also met Nevena Ignjatović,” says Berginc, explaining how designing for the Serbian skier began - this year her clothes will be combined with pink. Ignjatović is also excited about the cooperation and thanked the company through her Facebook profile - “Thank you for your trust. The day spent at AND by Andraž was very pleasant.” 

“It’s important that top sportspeople feel comfortable in their clothes. It makes them more confident and relaxed. And these people are the most important part of our development team, since they give us their first feedback on how the novelties work in practice. Active sportspeople need clothes which resist all environmental impacts, and they must be functional and visually attractive,” stresses Berginc.

In the future, the company AND by Andraž wishes to remain a client-friendly company which uses skin-friendly materials. “Our slogan is to make high-quality functional clothes that look good,” says Berginc, and she stresses that they wish to be further connected with their clients and comply with their suggestions and comments.

Text by Danila Golob

Photos: Nataša Muller